Gaggia espresso machine red

Expert’s Gaggia 102534 Espresso Machine Review

As a simple, entry level espresso machine, the is very affordable and easy to use. It is one of the cheapest models of Gaggia’s line of coffee machines, but it is capable of performing just as well as commercial-grade units that are more expensive. Right now, this model is available in a stylish red color […]

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Gaggia classic espresso machine

Comprehensive Gaggia 14101 Classic Review

There’s a reason why the is a bestseller – it’s a commercial-grade unit that you can conveniently use at home to pull perfect espresso shots all the time. Because of the advanced technology incorporated in this particular model of espresso machine, it can perform demanding coffee-making jobs right in your own kitchen. It is also […]

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DeLonghi-EC-860 Espresso Machine

DeLonghi EC860 Review

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to make delicious espresso and coffee at home? Look no further than the new DeLonghi EC860! This semi-automatic machine is one of the best latte, cappuccino and espresso makers you can buy. With plenty of features like the automatic cappuccino system, programmable menu and steam wand, the  combines […]

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Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker Review

What does it take to get the results typical for a professional barista? The quality of your espresso maker and its features happen to be the most important factors for success. Certain coffee makers have a particularly good reputation and Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker is one such great option that the market has […]

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The Best Espresso Machines Under $200

A perfectly brewed shot of espresso never fails to bring a sigh of satisfaction to any coffee connoisseur’s lips. This wonderfully dark and creamy concoction is made using a good espresso machine, preferably one that delivers impressive results at a very affordable price. See How These Four Espresso Makers Hold Up Versus Each Other This […]

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Breville Duo Temp 800ESXL

Breville 800 ESXL Espresso Machine Review

There are espresso machines and then there are machines that make the espresso. What’s the difference? The first kind are your typical machines that pump out espresso (with some foam, milk and cream if you so choose). It does what is expected from it, nothing more and nothing less, of giving you the drink you […]

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espresso tamper

5 Essential Espresso Machine Accessories

Starting the day right involves starting it with the right kind of drink. The art of coffee making has been greatly enhanced with the dawn of espresso machines. It has opened up endless possibilities of variations on your typical cup of Joe. Home espresso makers have opened up the world of coffee making to match […]

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Best types of coffee beans

How to Select the Best Coffee Beans

Black, short, long, with milk, with cream, latte, cappuccino– coffee can be used for the preparation of a wide range of exciting drinks. The number of coffee lovers worldwide is incredibly high. The per capita coffee consumption per year in the US alone is 9.25 pounds. Variety? The same goes for coffee beans. Although the […]

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Philips Saeco RI9366/47 Via Venezia Espresso Machine

Philips Saeco Via Venezia Review

Making a delicious cup of espresso is an important ritual for so many people, which is why the selection of the right coffee maker matters. When it comes to superior taste and aroma, some brands are simply better than others. Philips is one of them. , which is considered an entry-level possibility for residential use. […]

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Breville bes920xl Espresso Machine

Breville Oracle BES920XL Review

The Breville BES920XL dual boiler espresso machine is classified as a high-end home espresso maker for a reason. The state of the art, semi-automatic machine gives access to convenient and modern features that produce a delightful, aromatic and strong cup of brew each time. Luckily, . Wondering whether this espresso machine at that price is […]

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