Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker Review

If you want an espresso machine that’s easy to operate, you should consider buying the Nespresso Inissia coffee machine. Unlike other espresso makers that require you to have some barista skills, this one only requires that you have Nespresso capsules. It’s Nespresso’s cheapest espresso machine to date, and it’s priced less than $100 at Amazon right now.

You really don’t need an expensive machine to enjoy great espresso and other types of coffee drinks. With this model, just pop in a Nespresso capsule and you will enjoy a great cup of gourmet coffee in seconds.

Because of its compact design, this particular unit can be accommodated even in small kitchens. It looks really good too, so it’s an attractive piece on the kitchen countertop.

Why Go for the Nespresso Inissia?

This stylish coffee machine is very easy to operate, manage and control since it comes with push button controls. It’s small too, so you have the option of leaving it on the countertop or storing it in the kitchen cabinet.

It’s a dependable unit too, as far as making coffee is concerned. In fact, there’s no room for mistakes because you only need Nespresso capsules to prepare different types and flavor of coffee. So yes, you can make great espresso on this machine. And not only that – but also cappuccino, latte, and flavored coffees that are available in Nespresso capsules.

Why choose this particular model? Because it’s inexpensive and it makes great coffee!

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Main Features

  • Nespresso Capsules – This model is only compatible with Nespresso capsules. If you always have a supply of coffee capsules in your kitchen, you will always have access to quick, delicious coffee.
  • Capsule System – The Nespresso capsules can be easily inserted in the compartment. Quick ejection of used capsules also allows for effortless coffee preparation.
  • High Pressure Pump – It comes with a 19-bar pressure pump system.
  • Controls – There are programmable buttons for making espresso and other types of coffee drinks.
  • Water Tank – Its 24-ounce water reservoir can be easily removed and filled with water.
  • Cup Tray – It comes with a foldable cup tray. It can accommodate espresso cups and tall coffee recipe glasses too.
  • Used Capsule Container – It has a built-in storage for used Nespresso capsules. It can hold around 10 used capsules that can be disposed off easily.
  • Automatic Power Shut Off – The unit will automatically shut off after 9 minutes of inactivity.



Fast – This model of espresso machine is fast – really fast. It only takes 25 seconds to preheat and the actual coffee preparation only takes a few seconds too.
User Friendly – It is very easy to use and program. This is not a complicated coffee machine at all.
Affordable – This is one of the cheapest models of coffee machines from Nespresso. Like other Nespresso coffee makers from the Company, it performs really well.


Instruction Manual – According to some users, the instruction manual included in the package is not really that helpful. It’s a good thing that the unit itself is easy to figure out and operate. There are also instructional videos available at Youtube.

Enjoy Great Espresso at Home

Even if you are on a budget, you can actually enjoy great espresso in your own kitchen. The Nespresso Inissia guarantees coffee satisfaction all the time as using Nespresso capsules when making coffee is effortless and mistake-free.

Yes, this is a cheap coffee machine; but that doesn’t mean that it’s a low quality product. In fact, it comes with Nespresso’s pump and brew system that are also present in more expensive models.

If you are not looking for a complicated espresso machine to exercise your barista skills, this is the perfect unit for you. It only uses Nespresso capsules and these are readily available in grocery stores. Nespresso capsules have espresso, cappuccino, latte, flavored coffees and even limited edition flavors – so you’ll get to enjoy all those great tasting coffee with this VERY affordable machine.

It’s a small and compact unit too, so you can use it in small apartments and small kitchens. It really is a dependable and versatile coffee machine.

So, if you are spending a lot of money in expensive coffee shops to get your daily fix of coffee cravings, invest on this coffee machine instead. It’s an affordable model of espresso maker and it will pay for itself in no time at all.

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