Jura Impressa F7 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Are you in search for a super automatic coffee maker? Then look no further as the Jura Impressa F7 is here and it can provide for all your coffee needs. Actually, even milk drinkers and tea drinkers will love this all-around coffee machine too.

Because of its design, it really is quite an expensive coffee machine. However, Amazon is offering it right now at 39% off, so you can save almost $1,000 if you act fast.

Pull Perfect Shots of Espresso Even if You’re Not A Barista

Can you really pull a perfect shot of espresso even if you’re not a barista? Yes, you can, if you have the Jura Impressa super automatic coffee machine. It does everything for you from grinding coffee beans to brewing to pulling a shot of espresso. The only thing that you need to do is press a few buttons. If you can do that, you are already a barista in your own kitchen!

If you are a big coffee fan, you are probably spending a lot of money in expensive coffee shops everyday. But did you know that you can actually save $1,000+ a year if you make your own coffee at home?

Of course that doesn’t mean settling for mediocre coffee. With this super automatic espresso machine, you can make great tasting gourmet coffee drinks in minutes without spending $3 per cup of coffee.

This model is also versatile and multi-functional that it is also useful for preparing milk drinks and other beverages. Every member of the family will find it reliable in preparing their favorite drinks.

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Main Features:

  • Built-in Grinder – This model of coffee maker comes with a built-in grinder. You can grind coffee beans right before brewing your coffee to ensure fresh and delicious flavor all the time.
  • Control Panel System – In spite of being a super automatic coffee machine, this unit is designed with a simple operating concept. The control buttons are found at the center of the machine for quick access and easy operation.
  • Adjustable Height Settings – The coffee and milk spouts can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of cups and glasses. You can adjust these anywhere from 2.6 to 4.4 inches in height.
  • Espresso Shot System – You can program the unit to make 1 shot or 2 shots of espresso at a single setting.
  • Adjustable Strength Settings – The strength of your coffee can be customized according to your particular preference.
  • Adjustable Water Volume – You can use as much or as little water as you require in a particular drink.
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings – The temperature settings can be adjusted according to the type of drink that you are preparing. Remember, this model is not only for making coffee, you can also use it for milk and tea drinks.
  • Cappuccino and Latte System – Specialty coffee drinks like cappuccino and latte can be easily prepared in this coffee maker because it has its own built-in milk frother/ steamer. You can also use this feature for simply steaming milk and it also comes with adjustable milk volume too.
  • Hot Water System – Hot water is always available when you have the Jura Impressa in your kitchen. Gourmet coffee can be prepared in minutes and you also have quick access to hot water if you are a milk, tea or hot chocolate drinker.
  • Automatic Ground Coffee Disposal – It automatically dumps used ground coffee in a built-in container for easy disposal and cleanup.

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Versatile and Multifunctional Coffee Maker: This super automatic coffee machine can make espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano and other coffee variants. It can also cater to the needs of milk, tea, and hot chocolate fanatics.
Customizable Settings: You can customize your coffee drinks by adjusting the strength settings.
Easy to Maintain and Manage: It comes with easy to program control panel. It is also easy to clean.


Quite Expensive: Because of its many features and super automatic design, this model of coffee machine really is quite expensive. However, it will still eventually pay for itself as you will also save A LOT of money by not having to go to expensive coffee shops for your favorite coffee drinks. You can even save more money by purchasing the unit at Amazon because it is currently being offered at 39% off.

A Coffee Machine that Can Truly Make You Happy

The Jura Impressa F7 Automatic Coffee Center is the perfect espresso machine for coffee lovers. It comes with a built-in grinder to deliver the required fineness of ground coffee when preparing different coffee drinks and there are several adjustable settings too. You can literally customize your coffee preparation and make weak and strong blends depending on your preferences.

This is a reliable coffee machine that can turn you into a professional barista even if you’re not. Get it from Amazon today and pay only about $1,450 for a $2,400 coffee machine. That’s almost a thousand dollars savings!

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