The Best Espresso Machines Under $500

If you have a budget of $500 for an espresso machine, you already have a lot of options. We have selected 4 of the best espresso machines on the market today and we are presenting them to you for comparison. Their main features are discussed so as to give you an idea of their overall functionality.

Breville BES840XL – The Infuser Espresso Machine

As one of the models that come with an infuser functionality, the Breville BES840XL is capable of producing the best espresso shots in your own kitchen. By applying low pressure at the start of the extraction process, even perfect flavor can be achieved. It has other remarkable features too.

  • Power – It comes with 1600w of power.
  • Housing – This unit’s housing is made of stainless steel materials and high quality plastic components.
  • Heating System – It comes with stainless steel thermocoil that accurately controls the water temperature.
  • Automatic Purge – The water temperature is automatically adjusted to achieve the right extraction temperature.
  • Pump Pressure – It comes with 15-bar Italian-made pump for volumetric control.

Unlike low-end espresso machines, this model is full-featured and very easy to use too. While it’s typically priced at around $800, you can get this unit right now for less than $500 at It even comes with free shipping.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Made of brushed stainless steel, the Gaggia 14101 is a beautiful and functional espresso machine. Aside from espresso, it can also make other specialty drinks like latte and cappuccino. Let’s look at some of its other features.

  • Water Reservoir – It comes with a 72-ounce water reservoir that can be easily removed and filled up with water.
  • Portafilter and Grouphead – The portafilter and grouphead are made of brass for maximum temperature stability.
  • Pump Pressure – It has a 17.5-bar pump built-in, with a high-voltage broiler.
  • Hot Water Dispenser – You will always have hot water available for any type of beverage.
  • Frothing Wand – You can make delicious and presentable cappuccino and latte with this unit.

This is a well-built coffee machine that can make different types of gourmet coffee drinks. If you are an espresso lover, you are guaranteed perfect shots every time you use this machine too. And the good news is that this product is on sale right now at Regularly priced at around $600, you can get it now for only about $370.

Philips Saeco R19376/04 Aroma Espresso Machine

This moderately priced espresso machine will fulfill every coffee lover’s dream. It can produce superior espresso with every pull and it can even make other specialty drinks. You can save on money by making your favorite coffee at home instead of always buying them at expensive coffee houses. Here are its main features:

  • Pump Pressure – It comes with a powerful 15-bar pump.
  • Broiler – Its stainless steel broiler provides quick and steady temperature when pulling espresso shots.
  • Pod-Adaptable Portafilter – You can use standard coffee pods in the portafilter.
  • Milk Frothing Function – Milk can be heated and made to foam so as to prepare drinks like latte and cappuccino.
  • Water Tank – It comes with a removable water tank.
  • Cup Warming Function – It has a cup warming surface.

This espresso machine will quickly pay for itself as you can save a lot of money by preparing your own gourmet coffee drinks at home. It is currently 16% off at, so you can get it for less than $300 right now.

Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Espresso Machine with Aerocinno

Because of its Aerocinno functionality, you can steam milk and make froth for your latte and cappuccino drinks. This Nespresso coffee machine can therefore produce different types of coffee drinks including the world-famous espresso. Below, you will find its most important features.

  • Nespresso Coffee Capsules – Patented Nespresso coffee capsules are easily inserted and ejected from the machine.
  • Pressure Pump – It comes with a very powerful 19-bar pump.
  • Preheating Time – It has a fast preheating time of only 25 seconds.
  • Water Tank – The 34-ounce water tank is removable.
  • Patented Aerocinno Milk Frother – With just a touch of a button, you can have steamed and foamed milk for your latte, cappuccino, and macchiato.
  • Automatic Shut Off – The unit automatically shuts down when it is not used for 9 minutes.
  • Adjustable Cup Tray – You can make large recipe drinks and use tall glasses with the machine.

Because this model only uses Nespresso coffee capsules, it doesn’t require you to be a professional barista. No tamping is needed when pulling espresso shots and making other types of gourmet coffee drinks. It is one of the most affordable espresso machines too. You can get it for less than $300 at

Which Model to Go For?

These are all fantastic espresso machines and each one is capable of producing great espresso and other types of coffee drinks. Get the one that most suits your budget and you will find that it will quickly pay for itself. Yes, you’ll reduce your coffee expenses by making your own coffee at home.

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