Breville Oracle BES920XL Review

The Breville BES920XL dual boiler espresso machine is classified as a high-end home espresso maker for a reason. The state of the art, semi-automatic machine gives access to convenient and modern features that produce a delightful, aromatic and strong cup of brew each time.

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Wondering whether this espresso machine at that price is the right one for you? The following Breville BES920XL review will give you all of the essential information needed to make up your mind.

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Who is the Breville BES920XL Best for?

As already mentioned, Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is categorized among the automatic espresso machines for home usage. The piece is great for the busy individuals that need their quick cup of quality coffee in the morning.

As its name suggests, the Breville Oracle coffee machine is a dual boiler coffee maker. This means that two boilers work simultaneously, extracting the espresso and steaming your milk at the same time. The wait is minimal and making a cup of quality espresso in the morning will require a single press of a button.

Regardless of the fact that the espresso maker is predominantly suitable for at-home usage, it comes equipped with a range of state-of-the-art features that produce the finest coffee. If you want to enjoy that Viennese-espresso quality, you will find the Breville Oracle a good pick.

Main Features

This Breville Oracle coffee machine is greatly updated from the previous editions. It comes with a range of innovative features that result in the production of a great cup of coffee each time. Simplicity and functionality are two other determining characteristics.

  • The machine comes equipped with dual Italian pumps that guarantee optimal pressure for every cup of espresso.
  • The electronic PID temperature controls make it very easy to do the necessary adjustments each time.
  • Programmable extraction temperature and volumetric control enable you to make adjustments for different roasts and different volumes. Temperature information can be displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • There is a hot water outlet that you can use to preheat the cups or to substitute the espresso with Americano.
  • A descale feature is available to simplify the cleaning and maintenance process.
  • The shot duration control enables you to control the precise timing of shot extraction.
  • The razor dose trimming tool is a patented feature that enables you to trim every coffee dose with a high level of precision.

Pros and Cons

Nearly every Breville BES920XL review has positive information about the espresso maker to share. Some of the biggest advantages of the machine include:

  • The Breville BES920XL offers a great price to quality ratio. The machine comes with a range of hi-tech features that are usually available in much pricier espresso makers for at-home usage.
  • The machine is very easy to use and the quality of the espresso is guaranteed each time.
  • The home descaling feature comes in handy because cleaning an espresso maker can often be a really cumbersome task.

When it comes to disadvantages, individuals that bought this espresso machine had only a couple of things to share in their reviews. Some of the common complaints focused on the following issues:

The machine is relatively big, which is why you will need to find enough space on the kitchen countertop for its placement.


Breville is a popular name in the world of espresso makers and the company has such reputation for a reason. The Breville Oracle dual boiler espresso maker is equipped with a medley of innovative features and functionalities that boost its usability and result in great coffee taste with each cup.

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