Breville Oracle BES980XL Review

Are you a fan of high-quality, traditional espresso? Looking for an easy-to-use and convenient coffee machine designed to achieve true quality, even if you lack barista training? Then, look no further than the new Breville Oracle BES980XL, currently priced on Amazon at $1,999.95.

Besides being the first automatic manual espresso machine in the world, the Oracle offers a number of comprehensive features you’d rarely find in other machines of the same class on the market.

Who’s Breville Oracle BES980XL Designed For?

The Breville Oracle coffee machine is perfect for residential and commercial use. Whether you want to replace your home coffee machine or you’re looking to get one for your coffee shop or restaurant, the Oracle is by far your best bet.

Unlike other coffee machines that require you to read lengthy manuals before even attempting to make your coffee, Breville BES980XL offers simple and user-friendly functionality anyone can get used to in no time. Whether you are a long-time coffee lover or a newbie to the espresso world, the Oracle can help you make delicious energizing drinks in a matter of minutes.

Features of Breville Oracle BES980XL

The Breville BES980XL is an automatic espresso machine that comes with duel stainless steel boilers, triple heat system and automated controls for pump pressure and water temperature. On top of that, the machine works with an integrated conical burr grinder to deliver the right amount of coffee into the filter basket without any mess.

The Oracle can automatically texture milk to any temperature or style you like – from silky smooth latte to creamy cappuccino. The coffee machine offers the innovative “One Touch Americano” feature. This feature can be used to make a delicious double espresso in a traditional café-like way.

Here’s what’s under the “hood” of the Breville BES980XL:

  • Dual stainless steel boilers for simultaneous espresso extraction and milk steaming.
  • Dual espresso and steam boiler pumps.
  • Regulated extraction pressure and heated group head for thermally stable extraction process.
  • Auto-start option that enables you to set the machine to preheat for a set period of time.
  • Programmable shot temperature, volume, milk temperature, texture, grind setting and tamp force.

Pros and Cons of Breville Oracle BES980XL


The new Breville Oracle BES980XL is a superior machine because of the array of convenient features that most automatic or semi-automatic espresso machines lack. The greatest benefit of this astonishing machine is its auto grind and tamp. This feature enables you to make excellent double espresso, with a tasty micro foam on top of it every time.

Another advantage of this automatic espresso machine is its ability to purge the steam wand after each fill. This feature is quite handy, especially if you hate cleaning the mess that’s left after making a cup of coffee.
Finally, this machine can effectively cut your coffee-making time in half because of its dual boilers. These allow you to froth milk and brew espresso at the same time.


The only drawback of the Breville BES980XL is the inability to change the amount of ground espresso dispensed for each shot. In addition, the wand of the Oracle can get sticky due to high temperatures at which milk is frothed.


If you can’t resist the delicious smell of coffee early in the morning and you are looking for a comprehensive automatic espresso machine with the benefits of a manual, the Breville Oracle BES980XL is exactly what you need. The Oracle surpasses most of its competitors because of the lush espresso taste it achieves, the convenient features and the machine’s durability.

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