About Us

Brew Station Coffee is a site created by coffee and espresso lovers.

We like coffee in different variants – mild, medium blend, and strong blend. We also like specialty and gourmet coffees like latte and cappuccino. However, our ultimate favorite is (drum roll please)… espresso! For some reason, just one shot of espresso can bring us to coffee heaven.Coffee Art Brew Station

Note that we are wise spenders when it comes to our favorite coffee. In spite of our addiction to coffee (and not just any coffee, but delicious coffee) you won’t find us spending our hard earned cash in expensive coffee shops.
We know for a fact that good coffee, in fact, great coffee – can be prepared and done at home. All that’s really needed is a functional and full-featured coffee or espresso machine. And yes, we have more than one (we did tell you that we are coffee addicts, right?).

Hmmmm….. And we know why you are here, too. You are a coffee lover yourself!

Well, you have come to the right place. So just sit back on our comfortable sofa and hang out with us. We have a lot in store for you!

We’d be glad to share with you our coffee knowledge and experiences to help you experience coffee nirvana too. And if you’re looking out to buy a coffee machine, we also provide honest and unbiased reviews of different brands and models of brewers, espresso machines, and everything else that are related to coffee and coffee preparation.

You can expect our expert advice too, since we are all coffee connoisseurs here. Some of us are even working as baristas in first class coffee shops. speedster espresso machine

Oh, and of course, we all have our own dear coffee machines at home.

We have seen them all – manual machines, semi-automatic, automatic, and even super automatic espresso machines. And we can operate them all too.

Expect sound advice, worthwhile tips, and knowledgeable recommendations from us. We are here for you, our fellow coffee lovers, and we are at your service.

We will also provide you with links to other resources so that you can get helpful tips from other coffee websites too. We are, after all, one big coffee family, right?

Can’t find something? If you’re looking for coffee information, product reviews, anything – just send us a message and we’ll work on it right away.

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